Enjoy Your Youth🌞

Hi. I'm 18 and, I was born in the wrong decade. Try star gazing on a clear, warm night. Get yourself a pet if you don't have one; it's everlasting friendship. Dance around fires.

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My sexy caveman king of the goats Cody Ryan fucking Hahn green day
Slightly stoopid with my frands

Bethy Williams
The love of my life

Where you get ya tapestries from ? The great flu dead and good vibes


The grateful dead one I got from zebop in ellicot city MD, and the good vibes one, I made out of an old white sheet, dye, and spray paint

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My night.

My bestfriend shianne’s birthday. Everyone’s asleep…. Soo I’m getting more drunk, eating Pringles, watching breakfast club

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Graduation with my best pal